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This work is for you if you...

  • Want to live a deeper, happier life

  • Are navigating difficult emotions

  • Want increased physical, mental and emotional wellness

  • Are searching for guidance in loving yourself

  • Are in quest of your highest destiny, tired of living out your fate

  • Have health challenges

  • Are looking to activate courage and inspiration

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What You Can Expect in Our Sessions

Our work together unfolds on the mental, emotional, as well as the spiritual level of your being.

Sessions generally last 80minutes, and a commitment to a series is required. We begin with a simple talk, while you are held in a safe, compassionate space. The magic happens in the liminal space and sacred energetic container that we create together. The liminal space is the time between the 'what was' and the 'next'; it is a place of transition, where all transformation takes place, if we learn to wait and let it form us.

While you express yourself, I track your energy and the deeper levels of what is being said in order to help you unpack your mental constructs, behavioral adaptations, and any other obstacles keeping you from embracing your authentic self.

Through dialogue, exercises, shamanic processes, guided meditations and visualizations, you will be led into deep soul work.

As you lean into this process of unfolding, you may experience insights and visuals, as well as releases of emotion and energy. These will guide our work as you lie down and I begin to clear your field of energetic imprints, using my Mesa (medicine stones).

Furthermore, the harmonic balancing effect resulting from my gentle touch vibrating with the Earth's resonance, the open-hearted compassionate field I hold you in, and the careful dialogue process,  activates your own self-healing mechanisms. Here, a state of deep ease, increased wellness and positive outlook can emerge.

When our work together is done, the goal is that you walk away inspired to live out an empowering narrative and to embrace a sense of self-love that will enlarge your belief of what is possible in your life, opening the doors of opportunity previously shut closed.

The Process: About Therapy

The Healing Process

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Shamanic Energy Medicine: On the Level of the Soul

In the shamanic perspective, true healing can only be achieved when addressing the spiritual level. That's because the state of our soul and spirit directly affects the state of our mind, which in turn affects the physical body. Thus, spiritual healing addresses the root level of the problems that cause dis-ease and dis-connect from a state of flow.

Let’s Start With Our Energy Field….

The energy field around our body is a matrix of information that maintains the health and vibrancy of our physical body. Through the shamanic healing method of Illumination, you will release what might reside in your luminous field that impedes your well-being. This means clearing out the imprints of disease and trauma at the level of the "blueprint" before they manifest in physicality. 

Dealing With Symptoms That Make Little Sense?

It is possible that the symptoms we carry do not originate from this current lifetime. We might be carrying our ancestor’s karma, dealing with a past life wounding, or feeling influences that do not belong to us.

Inherited family trauma

Sometimes we carry certain "baggage"—mental and physical illness, bad habits, poor luck--that is our unconscious loyalty to our ancestral lineage in order to help them heal through us. Bert Hollinger, the founder of Family Constellations Work, calls these relationships “bonds of loyalty”.  Through ancestral healing work you will release the unwanted generational karma that you carry and heal your ancestors' pain.

Past-life trauma

When our symptoms are deep, unresolvable, and inexplicable it is often the case that these are the result of past lives. My work aims to look for the “original wound” and remove it from your energy field through shamanic journeying that explores paths to healing and understanding. We then employ psycho-drama, talk therapy, and energy healing to finally erase these scars.

Ancestor and Spirit Attachment

Western inattention to rites of ‘conscious dying’ often leads to circumstances, where the souls (or their fragments) of passed loved ones may remain earthbound due to confusion or unresolved business. This often results in negative influences for the living as these spirits futilely try to resolve their issues through us. We work to put these spirits to rest and lovingly guide them to the Upper World free of their frustrations.

Soul Loss

The shamanic tradition discusses the notion of soul loss. Soul loss can occur during any trauma and is part of how the soul copes by protecting itself from the experience—but in the process becomes fragmented. Through the ancient healing practice of Soul Retrieval, I undergo a shamanic journey on your behalf to retrieve lost soul fragments and awaken dormant soul aspects. This restores you to wholeness and avoids the chaos an unrecovered soul fragment can create through attempting to force itself back on its own accord.

Two Examples:

Soul loss occurs frequently in two types of situations.

It can involuntarily occur when someone experiences, let’s say, severe abuse. On a spiritual level, a fragment of the soul leaves in order to remain "untainted". The ejected portion of soul then needs to be retrieved and reintegrated for the person to process and overcome that trauma.

The second is voluntary, yet unconsciously done, and occurs when someone attempts to abandon their identity by not living out who they truly are. To become authentic once more they must retrieve the shunned portions of their soul and embrace them again.

Our Highest Destiny

Finally, through the practice of Destiny Retrieval, I journey to track your highest destiny and install it in your lifeline.  Then, with your aligned efforts,  this destiny can inform your present, and the universe conspires on your behalf to make it come true.

Body/Mind Therapy: On the Levels of the Body and the Mind

We create our own reality, yet often unconsciously. When our life experience is filled with friction, we look at what (unhealed) parts of us might be driving our life?

Through a Body/Mind healing technique comprised of Depth Psychology-based talk therapy, Transpersonal Energy Healing, and visual journeying, we begin to gain access to the wisdom that resides in your body. The body is an exquisite instrument of truth that can guide us to the root of our issues.  The body holds our wounds and our defense patterns, and can provide insight into long-held patterns of thought, emotion or behavior,  stored in our subconscious and unconscious mind as cellular memory. “Scientists [at Southwestern University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas] had discovered that our experiences do not just reside in our brains but are recorded at the cellular level throughout our bodies, and they believed these cellular memories were the true source of illness and disease.” (Dr. Alexander Lloyd: “The Love Code: The Secret Principle to Achieving Success in Life, Love, and Happiness”)

To the degree that you feel ready, we work with the stored pain or painful emotions, in order to free you of the fear of pain.  Because by fearing pain, we also block all possibility of fully feeling joy and fulfillment. We build pathways around our discomforts, utilizing robotic ways or projections unto others, to keep our wound untouched. When we bring awareness to this dynamic, we can reduce the defense patterns we unconsciously act out. Then, our authentic self can safely emerge, and we can tap into the Frequency of Beauty. 

When we access our subconscious, we inevitably shed light on our subconsciously held beliefs.  Dr. Bruce Lipton, as a research scientist at the University of Wisconsin, concluded that virtually every health problem originates from a wrong belief held subconsciously. (Dr Bruce Lipton: “The Biology of Belief “). Not only do our beliefs directly affect our health, they also prevent us from living from our true essence. As we uncover the ways we sabotage ourselves, we can shift our way of thinking and regain the ability to make new choices and beliefs. In our sessions, this progress is mentally and energetically reinforced to assure your sustained growth, allowing you to gain insights that are permanent and life-changing.

Often you will learn that what you think is wrong is nothing more than a story you tell yourself. This story is not aligned with your pure potential.

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