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Stepping into Your Feminine Power

About the workshop

Stepping into Your Feminine Power is an intimate workshop that guides you into your feminine power, inner beauty and reservoir of creativity.  Through an enlightening afternoon of community, heart-opening space, a healing ceremony and hands-on food-art creation, you will awaken the Divine Feminine within you and your awareness of your individual essence and possibilities. 

This event brings together Sharon Shalom's fun & inspiring energy through food-art creation and Andrea Olschwang's love of the sacred and self-discovery through Shamanic energy medicine.  

In the beginning, Andrea will guide us through an understanding of the importance of healing your sacral chakra.  You will experience your creative energy center,  your womb,  and connect to its story. Energetically, the womb is our sacred place of creation. It connects us to our feminine power, our deepest joy and happiness. Andrea will lead us through The Rite of the Womb, a powerful loving energy transmission that will restore the natural balance of your creative center. 

Next, we will step into Sharon's sacred palace, the kitchen, for a fun and indulgent experience for the senses, as you learn the secrets of creating an exquisite gourmet cheese board. Sharon's unique approach to food-art as an expression of the heart will expand your creative center, and fill the space with deep laughter and connection. 

What you can expect:

~ a safe heart-opening space and unconditional love

~ healing, inspiration, and insights

~ deep connection to your feminine essence and creativity

~ a healing experience 

~ creative joy in making Sharon’s mouthwatering gourmet cheese boards for you enjoy at home with your someone special.

To contact Sharon or Andrea:





About Sharon Shalom

The talent behind The Kitchen Xperience, Sharon's love affair with food and the kitchen began as a young girl watching her mom own the kitchen as her palace.  Being raised in an environment of music, arts and love of beautiful food, Sharon curates flavors, unites spices and deeply infuses her food with love, as the utmost expression of who she is.  

For more of Sharon's journey of food, life and beauty follow her on Instagram @sharonnoyshalom.

About Andrea Olschwang

Andrea is a certified Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner and Body-Mind Therapist. 

Andrea was initiated in the healing traditions of the Amazon and the Andes at the Light Body School of The Four Winds Society, the world's most renowned school of energy medicine ("the Harvard of neo-shamanism" -Harper's Bazaar). 

In addition, her work is rooted also in Body/Mind Therapy & Counseling practices through the Healers Forum and the former Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing.

Andrea’s practice, The Frequency of Beauty, helps people connect  to a vibration that brings flow and beauty into their lives through a process of deep diving into inner soul work. 

To learn more about Andrea’s work, click  here

Workshops: Service
Workshops: Service
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