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Healing Soul, Mind and Body

The frequency of Beauty is a vibration.  It is a state of flow. When we tap into the frequency of Beauty, our life becomes harmonious. Life is an interactive process between our internal and external worlds; the external will always mirror the internal.  When we bring our internal world into flow, also our external life experience becomes harmonious.

The more we align ourselves with the frequency of Beauty, the more we see only uplifting opportunities at every turn; experience synchronicities; and live in a state of creativity and open heart towards ourselves and others.

Through a combination of Shamanic Energy Medicine and Body/Mind Therapy, I will guide you to realize greater flow from within. By increasing awareness and modifying perception you will learn ways to enable you to free yourself from past wounds, constraints and limiting mental structures. My goal is to help you tune your vibrations to this healing frequency and joyfully connect to life and love.

Understanding My Practice

The complementing modalities of Shamanic Energy Medicine and Body/Mind Therapy serve a holistic purpose to promote self-healing. 

Shamanic Energy Medicine is the oldest form of healing. Originating in the Himalayas, it was brought through Siberia and the Bering Strait to North and South America. In shamanic work we intervene at the level of spirit and soul as the most “upstream points” of influencing our healing - emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Shamanic energy medicine brings balance and addresses the obstacles in the way of our highest destiny or healed state.

Body/Mind Therapy is where we feel our way to the information stored in our bodies, which we may be unaware of. We apply talk therapy, Transpersonal Energy Healing (a non-invasive therapy that uses gentle touch to stimulate the body's chakra energy centers in combination with a form of verbal inquiry), and visual journeying to engage with the subconscious and unconscious mind.  In working with our subconscious, which we stimulate through following the energy in our bodies, we can heal our maladaptive attitudes and emotional or spiritual wounds.

Are You Ready to Embark on Your Healing Journey?

To attune to the frequency of Beauty, we must be in the process of purging limiting subconscious and unconscious patterns that lock our potential away, addressing emotional and spiritual pain, integrating our shadow aspects, and clearing away energy blockages. 

This is an invitation to profound soul work that elicits revelations and growth You will ultimately let go of who you think you are, to discover a deeper you.  As you sync with life's flow, you will learn the peace that comes with self-compassion and self-love.  One of the most beautiful parts of this journey is simply returning to the peaceful feeling of being. Creating the life we want from this place then becomes meaningful, enjoyable and empowering. 

In our work together, I will help you re-write your story into one filled with strength and beauty. While the past has gone, it often still lives in us in the form of unprocessed trauma or a toxic narrative that hampers our ability to live from our pure essence.  I will be your guide as you unfold, unravel and spin gold out of your past. You will craft a new mythic life map that reflects new possibilities, not just probabilities.

It is my deep and sacred honor to guide you through this journey of healing and growth.

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