What Some of My Clients Are Saying

Apprehensive of any kind of self-help groups, instructor, or workshops, I decided to meet with Andrea upon a referral from a friend.  Valuing one's time, I took the extra step and attended an arranged meeting with her.  Within about ten minutes into the meeting, did I find myself in a new world, in a foreign surrounding, a place I had never dared venture.  Each meeting with Andrea brought me closer to a real meaning, purpose, and, most significantly, a shedding of issues, people, emotions and times that were holding me back.  With Andrea, I learned that with real inner searching and courage, one can easily live a life more valuable and more meaningful.  Personally, I feel more present, more love, and more hope that I had ever imagined.  Trauma is a tricky thing that forces us to be enslaved in feelings and emotions that we never imagined we could leave behind.  With Andrea, I was able to dig deep into my trauma, confront it, embrace it and part ways with it forever.  Andrea created the safe environment, in order to shed away this debilitating past and allow myself to move forward with a heart open to love and trust.

Tiffany F.

As I was looking for myself I found Andrea.
When the door was opened I met a beautiful gentle woman. Gentle and fierce. Gentle and powerful. Andrea holds such power to heal. As we embarked on my journey Andrea guided me with her wisdom, intuition and knowledge to open up old wounds, hold them, and let them go. 
Andrea holds a very emotional sacred space while guiding me to find myself again. I’m grateful I was able to embark  on this journey to find happiness through my work with Andrea.

Gali C.

Andrea is a true gift. She's extremely thoughtful, conscientious, and intuitive. She thinks about how to help you beyond your sessions with her, oftentimes alone in her own personal meditations! She doesn't act like a guru or attempt to manipulate outcomes, which is so appreciated and needed today. Instead, she guides you to find the answers within yourself, to discover your own power, and she creates a very safe, non-judgmental space to allow that to happen. You do the work, but she's fully present with you along every step of the process in such a beautifully supportive way. I personally had one of the most powerful realizations I've ever experienced working with her to discover my true self and voice. Thank you, Andrea, from the depths of my soul.

Shannon L.

After a couple of decades of inner exploration and esoteric spiritual studies, I had the exquisite fortune to immerse in healing sessions with Andrea. 
We met once in person, followed by multiple sessions over the phone
(and across multiple  time-zones, due to my remote location and travel). 
I didn’t know what to expect, yet the sacred healing space that she created - immediately put me at ease and into a deeply heartfelt and honest experience of parts of my life that what were calling to be healed. 

In our first session, Andrea guided me with a few simple questions - which addressed the core of my irrational anxieties, subconscious  fears and beliefs that limited my experience of life.
I found myself in safe gentle hands, as if held lovingly in the womb. Over a few sessions I finally dared to speak and address painful nuggets of my past.
I thought they had been dealt with, yet they kept creeping back - showing up in torturous dreams, impeding my relationships and playing out in an area so sacred to my heart - my family and parenting experiences.

With Andrea, I experienced counseling on a whole new “soul” level, I felt seen and fully accepted for whoever I was in the moment (at times an infant, a toddler, a 5-year old, on occasion a grown-up too). 
I was astounded by her ability to bring out those parts of me that were tucked away, misunderstood, judged, or not understood or seen at all.
With every session, I sensed more expansion, freedom, calm, courage, deeper breath, and clearer vision of who I was and what I truly wanted. 

With Andrea, I felt safe to regress, even  to deeply painful times, and examine life wounds on a core level, applying energy work, soul retrieval, dream analysis, removing cords of unhealthy relationships - to heal and open up my horizons to a new healthy and expansive way of being. 
Andrea engaged as my guide, as well as teacher, so I could continue to apply all of the techniques on a daily basis, or whenever I wished to.

I was initially surprised how impactful  the phone-sessions were, on occasion I was more courageous to speak up than I may have been face-to-face. 

Andrea’s knowledge of both science-based psycho-somatic techniques, as well as ancient shamanic wisdom, her healing presence, unwavering acceptance and loving guidance - created a whole new unexpected pathway for me. 
Just being around her feels sacred - the woman herself - is the *medicine*. 

In daily life - my healing and transformation has brought about more joy, peace and calm - through understanding myself and my own freedom to be, express and create. 
And it has brought love and acceptance in my parenting - through love and care for myself, I connect with my husband and children on a deeper, authentic level. They feel it and they play it back in wondrous ways I didn’t even know existed.


I am so blessed and grateful to have stumbled upon Andrea. After trying so many different things to help me with my struggles I finally found her. She is truly a god sent woman. You can feel her warm and loving energy the second she walks into the room. She has helped me heal so many different aspects of myself. Andrea showed me multiple mediations for grounding myself that are absolutely beautiful. She also taught me different exercises and techniques I now use to go deeper within myself and expand my understanding of my life. I feel that I have unlocked so much more power within myself since I first started seeing her. I have loved every moment of the process.


My experience with Andrea has been heart opening. Through our work together I was able to look at myself and learn how to accept all parts of me. In every step of my process, Andrea not only guided me but also honored everything I go through, helping me to understand  that each part of me is equally important and needs my attention. Her warmth, patience and ability to connect with ME helped me realize that in order for me to grow and experience happiness, love, relationships and abundance I too need to honor my process and all it entails. Wether through conversation or body work, Andrea's strength as a shamanic practitioner gave me confidence and added to my desire to further explore myself. 
This work is not easy, but Andrea's extensive knowledge, compassion, understanding and experience make it a fulfilling, liberating and powerful experience.

Ayelet B.

I met Andrea after trying many other healing treatments. I didn’t know what to expect but after a couple of sessions I started to feel everything in my body, my mind and my soul; they started to open to a new beginning, it was like everything was actually healing from issues and baggage from the past. Her sessions, her approach and her guidance was something incredible that I never experienced before. Andrea is so caring and loving with her clients, she is amazing and I will always recommend her to anyone needing mind, soul and body healing.

Vanessa A.

Working with Andrea as my shaman brought profound changes to my life. During my sessions with her she recovered two lost parts of my soul which I had been missing for decades or had forgotten about altogether. She guided the reintegration process in a caring and loving way and by holding beautiful sacred space in which I was able to trust and let go of my fears. I honor Andrea as a colleague and admire her medicine in which she artfully combines passion with compassion, as well as empathy with just the right amount of "straight talk". Aho!

Steffen B.

When I began my journey with Andrea I didn’t know what to expect.  All I knew was that there is an aspect to who I am that was ready to be expressed, however I had no idea how to even begin to express it.  It was very clear that there were several blockages keeping me from better understanding myself and my role within my inner circle and expanded community.  
Working with Andrea has been an incredible experience.  She always makes me feel safe and protected which enables me to fully open up and be vulnerable as we work towards removing the fears, anxiety, insecurities and rooted patterns of behavior.  When I leave my sessions with Andrea, I always feel strong and capable to take on the task of discovering myself on a deeper level - a feeling that is extremely liberating and hopeful.  

I believe we all come to this life with many gifts and talents to share.  However, we don’t always know how to tap into them and share them with others. Andrea helps me unlock the door to my gifts and talents and facilitates my journey as I reach many new understandings of myself and my life.
Since my work with Andrea, I have improved my relationship with my husband, found better ways to communicate with each of my children, started my own business and completely changed my perception of my relationship with the universe.
We all need a mentor, a guide, to reach different levels of being and manifestation in our lives.   In my opinion, Andrea is one of the best to help reach that desire of transformation and better understanding of oneself.

Thank you Andrea for working with me and pouring so much love, care and knowledge into my journey.


My experience with Andrea was unforgettable. From the moment I came in I felt her energy helping me and when she put her hands on my heart I felt she is releasing some trauma in my body. I highly recommend working with Andrea.


Although my time with Andrea was cut too short, I was able to unfold so many things and truly connect to my soul. I was able to relax, surrender, and give myself the opportunity to heal. Andrea was the beginning of my soul journey. Through her mindfulness practice, I was able to find honesty, love, strength, and hope within myself, which I never thought I would unveil. I am forever grateful for the unique experience I was given and I hope that you will find it within yourself to give yourself that same opportunity. Thank you Andrea!


I have dealt with anxiety most of my life and I have spent time in talk therapy over the years. Therapy wasn't necessarily helping me release my energetic blocks.
What I love about Andrea’s energy healing is it activates my body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks without having to talk about why the blocks are there or where they came from. By breaking through these energetic blocks, my energy fields are brought into balance and I feel calm and centered.
Andrea is wise, intuitive, empathetic, loving and non-judgemental; she has many tools at her disposal and uses them as needed. I cherish my healing time with Andrea!

Marlene M.